G2000 Series FAQ
  1. What is the general usage of GBSAR developed by iRadar?
  To detect sub-mm movement on natural and synthetic objects.
  2. What is the specialty of G2000 developed by iRadar?
  It is highly portable and easy to deploy.
  3. What is the advantage of G2000 over existing deformation technique?
High resolution
Real-time data processing
Easy installation
High reliability
Remote measurement
Provision of displacement information related to all illuminated area with highresolution detection image.
  4. What is the coverage area of GBSAR?
  About 730m (W) x 440m (H) at sensing distance of 1000 m.
  5. What is the scanning time for GBSAR?
  Typical scanning time is 5 minute per image.
    6. What kind of monitoring can G2000 do?
Earth Terrain Monitoring such as landslides monitoring, volcano movement detection, land subsidence detection, and soil erosion detection.
Man-made Structure Monitoring such as static monitoring (static test, timedependent deformation monitoring, structural displacement during construction work) and dynamic monitoring (resonance frequency detection, vibration mode detection).
  7. Could G2000 be left alone during data acquisition?
  8. How many workers are needed to operate the G2000?
  The system can be operated/controlled remotely by 1 operator. It can be programmed to operate automatically without supervision of human being, in this case no worker is needed.
  9. What is the ideal location to locate the G2000?
  Any flat surface. If there is housing to host the GBSAR will be perfect.
  10. What is the recommended setup?
  Locate the G2000 pointing to the target without any obvious obstacle in between of G2000's antenna and the target.
    11. Who are the potential major customer of G2000?
Local governments (city councils).
Geotechnical department.
Electricity utility companies.
Service companies who provide builders with static and dynamic load tests of structures.
Architects involved in renovation works.
Building surveyors.
Civil Engineering university departments.
Public agencies with the task of infrastructures management.
Civil engineering companies.
Building companies
Research institutes.
  12. Could G2000 provide continuous monitoring under all weather conditions?
  Yes, it can be operate under almost all weather conditions except extremely bad weather.
  13. How long should I leave G2000 at the site?
  Depending on the mission objective, the monitoring interval could be on 24/7, weekly, or monthly basis.
  14. Do I get the result immediately?
  15. Can it be used to monitor the environment changes that involve ocean?
  Yes. It can be used for environmental monitoring such as sea ice monitoring and oil spills monitoring.
  16. What is the sensing distance?
  1-2km. Customized design is needed to sense longer distance.
  17. Does it able to detect a tiny change?
  Yes. Time series synthetic aperture radar(SAR) images are used to detect surface deformation. This technique can achieve submillimeter
  18. Can I get 3D image result?
  19. Can I access the processed data anytime?
  Yes. You can access the processed data and analysis report anytime, anywhere, through remote software.
  20. What if I’m not sure how to interpret the data?
  End user does not need to interpret the data, alarm can be set for monitoring purpose. If potential hazard happen, the software will automatic trigger the user. We also will provide consultancy services for result interpretation and further action planning.
  21. How can I apply for the service?
  You can tell us your needs by submitting a request form. We will contact you as soon as possible.
  22. Do I need to wash the machine?
  23. Do I need to cover the machine during data acquisition on raining data?
  24. What is the requirement needed to store the machine?
  It is recommended to keep the machine in a place or room that safe from flood.
  25. What is the warranty period?
  12 months from the date of shipment.
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