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Welcome to iRadar!
Why use radar?
  • Operable in all weather and lighting conditions
  • Ranging and positioning capabilities
  • Long distance and wide area coverage
  • 2D and 3D imaging capabilities
  • Penetration capability (see-through wall, under-ground, etc.)
  • Target identification and classification
  • Complement optical/IR sensors

Unleashing the Potential of RADARS

Whether you need to locate people in a crisis, safeguard critical facilities, guide an unmanned vehicle, or monitor temporal changes of natural resources, we can address your requirements.

  • Remote Sensing: to monitor natural resources, land-use mapping...
  • Security and Safety: to detect intruders, safeguard critical facilities...
  • Search and Rescue: to search for life, locate people in a crisis...
  • Process Control: to track assets, monitor critical operations...
  • Robotics: to avoid obstacles, guide an unmanned vehicle...


October 3, 2014 -
[R&K] "2.2kW RF Power Amplifier OPEN/SHORT/50O-CIRCUITs-LOAD TEST" on Youtube!

October 1, 2014 -
[R&K] New Product : 20MHz ~ 6000MHz, 2W All Solid-State Amplifier "A020M602-2633R"

September 25, 2014 -
[R&K] Data Sheet Updated : A080M102-5757R

September 23, 2014 -
[R&K] New Product : 30kHz ~ 4000MHz, 10W All Solid-State Amplifier "A030K102-3040R"

August 27, 2014 -
[R&K] New Product : 100Hz ~ 20MHz, Double Balanced Mixers "MX450-1S" ~ "MX480-1S"

July 16, 2014 -
[R&K] New Product : 800MHz ~ 4000MHz, 100W All Solid-State Amplifier "GA801M402-5050R"

June 17, 2014 -
[R&K] New Product : 5MHz ~ 1000MHz, 250W All Solid-State Amplifier "GA005M102-5454R"

June 12, 2014 -
Presenting an invited talk on "Disaster Preventive Monitoring using PXI-based Landslide Radar" at NI PXI Roadshow, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Tell us about your needs, we will try to address it!
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