iRadar Multilane Speed Radar Testing

May 20 | 10:34 a.m. | by Admin

We are thrilled to share that we have completed the final testing for our multilane speed radar. This speed radar is a compact 80GHz high-performance traffic flow monitoring radar, which accurately measures the speed, distance, angle, and other information of the target by using the difference between the transmitted radio waves and the reported evaluation rate.  

Key Features: 

  1. 80GHz high-performance traffic flow monitoring radar. 
  2. Real-time multi-lane and multi-target detection.
  3. Detect up to 6 lanes and 64 targets simultaneously. 
  4. Maximum detection distance of 250 m.
  5. High precision, high stability, and easy debugging. 
  6. Works in all-weather conditions.  


  1. Traffic Flow Statistics
  2. Bridges and Tunnels Traffic Monitoring
  3. Safety Distance Control Snapshot
  4. Traffic Safety Early Warning System

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